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Welcome from the CEO

Hello and welcome to our Website.

To tell you the truth, I am actually feeling really excited to welcome you here because I am inclined to believe that you may probably find this website as #1, the best website in the world in regards to any Graphics and Signs related site that you may ever find on the internet. Why? It’s because most of the sites on the net are either prepared by amateurs or professional agencies solely for commercial purpose, but we have made this site by ourselves specifically to accommodate you and to enlighten you with fine details polished and directed with my personal touch and made it very user friendly, simple yet comprehensive which you may probably agree as you gradually sink deeper into it. Our in-house creative designers vigorously worked around the clock, developing and fine tuning this site with you in our focus all the time.

Four decades ago, I made my entry into this industry as an apprentice, the general terminology and work process of this industry was confusing and new to me. All work then was manual, there were no computers or CNC machinery and as a newcomer, the brunt of all labour work also fell on me, the long sizzling period seasoned and matured me. Since I enjoyed the nature of the industry and with my positive attitude, I rose up quickly and eventually started my own business of the same nature and named it Sign Industries, its mark and logo are still the same all these 22 years.

With my strong background in Graphics and Printing field, and a collective experience of 40+ years in Signage and Branding industry added with my own personal life experience, it was very easy for me to understand consumer psychology and to comprehend how others think especially those who are still naïve in this field whereby at times they would hesitate or feel shy to ask a simple question in fear of making an impression to be seen as incompetent or ignorant. They are unaware of the common terms for materials and products or the process and fear of ordering something wrong. So I didn’t had to work hard to make it easy for everyone and from all spectrums as some people know well their needs whilst others are not even sure of what they want, or how to budget their project and certainly unaware of the benefits and returns on their investment when it comes to signage as it’s the least appreciated component of our daily living.

This site has been designed passionately, but with an assumption that not all visitors will thoroughly navigate through every section of this site and if you are one of those who has the tendency of skipping chapters then don’t get surprised if that does not happen to you here because while preparing this site, we had been considering numerous factors to capture visitors like you so you can curiously browse around and appreciate the depth of detailed information that is specifically designed for new comers, individuals, students, graphic designers, amateurs as well as professionals, business owners, brand managers, advertising agencies, interior designers, architects, contractors as well as estate developers, marketing and procurement managers and even veterans in this industry. Just take your sweet time and play around with the colourful buttons as we have linked many of them for your convenience.

To make it further easy and even more exciting, I have personally written articles that you will find them in the e-literature and info sections of this site. These articles are periodically being updated so don’t shy away once you’ve read them even though that we may appreciate the fact you have been a frequent visitor as next time, chances are that you may find more.

If this is your first visit here and landed here accidentally, then you may feel like a kid in a candy shop and may even feel lucky to have discovered this site whereas if you knowingly visited here then you will surely feel to have landed on a goldmine of information and we expect to see you here even more often.

We are therefore tempted to believe that you will be tempted to visit us more frequently. Moreover, you don’t even need a reason or an excuse to visit our site, whether you want to buy our product or service, need our consultation or advice, learn something for free, get information or just chill and hang out in our web corridors. You’re most welcome.

Besides being a professional Signage & Branding consultant, a Graphic designer and the CEO of my company, I have diversified indoor and outdoor hobbies, I am a writer and a poet and have written many “Rhyming Poetry” in lucid English mostly based on faith but for a universal readership and also a few titles on Romantic subject as well.
So come and lets surf without a splash. 😊

Karibu sana
M. P. Esmail
CEO – Sign Industries Ltd.

Our success is not only because of our internal team work; we also enjoy the teamwork with our clients that adds to the overall experience.